Pandas Will Eat Your Soul

A Dizzying Array of Random Thoughts~

In honor of October and Halloween, I’d thought I’d share some horror films for you to look into. Now I won’t sit here and say most of them will be scary, but I think they are worth watching anyway.

The Orphanage - 2007

A Spanish Horror film that was in limited release here in the states a few years back. Centers around a woman who moves back into her childhood home, which was an orphanage.  Her wish for the building is to make it into a home for disabled children. She also has an adopted son and of course like in most horror films, the child is rather odd. The son soon goes missing after a strange encounter with a masked child named, Tomas. The mother desperately tries to figure out what happened to her son and what is the deal with this ghost boy. In the film you discover who this ghostly child is and what happened to the woman’s son. A rather sad ending if I do say so myself, but you have to watch the film to understand why.

No gore in this film, just lots of noises and shadows, classic ghost movie stuff…but done well. Whether or not this movie chills you it is still a good film that deserves a watch. It is Spanish spoken so expect subtitles, but I am sure there are dubbed versions for those of you out there who prefer that.

  • 18 October 2011
  • 18